The bottom button will show additional details or adjust the temperature chart range. ... Insgesammt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit das Fireboard 2. The probe ports on top of the thermometer concern me with rain getting in there but I have no evidence that will be a problem. Connecting a fan to a WiFi meat thermometer can be a daunting task for some. The middle button will change the active channel being displayed. FireBoard is one of the most user-friendly remote-read Wi-Fi thermometers on the market today. I will also discuss the upgraded features of the Fireboard 2 Drive meat thermometer, how it differs from the other Fireboard 2 series thermometers, as well as how it compares to other WiFi meat thermometers on the market. The FireBoard Drive is an accessory for the popular Fireboard remote food thermometer that allows the user to control the temperature of a charcoal or wood-fired cooker. No. The Fireboard 2 still uses the same Fireboard app as the original and the same probes as well. Make sure to explore the FAQs for each section to try and find a solution.. ( See the “my one gripe” section below.). This is the area where you can monitor the real-time temperatures and current session graphs. This item is a Mounting Case that allows owners of the FireBoard 2 or Fireboard 2 Drive Wi-Fi thermometer to magnetically attach their device to the grill or other iron surface of their choice. The FireBoard 2 and FireBoard 2 Drive are very similar with the exception of one major difference. By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. So then, let me tell you how it works from beginning to end. The blower fan plugs directly into the Fireboard 2 Drive’s main body and is powered by the thermometer’s battery. Rated. This coating certainly helps hold it in place on your work surface and gives the unit its additional weather protection without the additional cost of a weather-resistant case. Thermoworks Signals vs Fireboard 2 Drive. You can also plug the USB-C power supply while in use and the unit will charge while you’re using it. For more information on attaching the blower fan to specific models like Kamodo-style cookers see Fireboard’s installation page. You can set alerts, name channels, hide channels, add notes, and share your session with others. The difference between the FireBoard 2 Thermometer and the FireBoard 2 Drive thermometer is the latter has the built-in ability to run the fan. Easy to setup and install on your wireless network, the FireBoard® pushes realtime temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web. The operation of the FireBoard 2 series of thermometers is basically the same as the original FireBoard. Three additional temperature probes may be added to the unit and can be purchased separately. FireBoard Labs continues to innovate and improve on a fantastic product. Get your FireBoard today at With our cloud connected smart thermometer, the FireBoard, you won't have to smudge your phone with greasy fingers or run to the grill to check your temperatures.. just ask Alexa! So, which one is better, the Signals or the Fireboard 2? FireBoard 2 Drive FBX2D Review. I want to come clean now before I go too far in this review. The FireBoard 2 Drive is battery operated and should deliver about 30 hours of service on a single charge. I will say that the Fireboard 2 is way easier to set up and connect to your WiFi than the Touch thermometer. All I know is that the other water-resistant WiFi thermometers (the Tappecue Touch, the Signals, and the SmokeBloq) have their probe ports on the side of the thermometer. Easy to set up and install on your wireless network, the FireBoard ® pushes real-time temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web.. I will say the base of the Thermoworks Signals is sturdier than the Fireboard 2 and won’t tip over, so that’s a plus for them. While both units can operate a blower fan giving you complete temperature control for your grill or smoker, the FireBoard 2 requires you to purchase a drive fan cable adaptor to do so. Thanks in advance for your support! The FireBoard 2 Drive does not come with a blower fan; it must be purchased separately. You can also power the device with a USB battery connected via that same USB-C port on the device. How to Tell If Chicken Is Done Without a Thermometer. Thermoworks Signals vs Fireboard 2 Drive. Drive Programs take your FireBoard’s functionality to the next level by smartly managing a temperature profile throughout your session. Why Not Use One? They have a range of 0 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the case for the FireBoard 2. The large LCD allows you to view up to 6 temperatures at once or you can scroll to a single-channel view or a single-channel view with graph, a multi-channel view with a graph, or a multi-channel temp view. You simply download the FireBoard app on your smart device and set up a free FireBoard account using the app. You can connect your smart device to the FireBoard 2 Drive via Bluetooth connection alone in instances where no Wi-Fi is available. The basic Fireboard 2 doesn’t have the 2.5 mm Fan Port, just the 8 pin expansion port. The FireBoard 2 builds on the success of its predecessor with a large LCD screen and integrated Drive technology to power a 12v fan. The Fireboard 2 Series of Thermometers: What Are the Differences? We are happy to report that the pit temperature controller system functioned perfectly. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fireboard 2 driver. The Fireboard 2 Drive has a multiple-view graphing LCD screen that is capable of showing the digits upside-down if you need to maneuver your probes in relation to your smoker. If you find yourself in a place without Wi-Fi, it’s not an issue. We do, the consumers. If you don’t have internet you can still connect to the Fireboard to your phone via Bluetooth and operate it that way. FireBoard 2 Drive FBX2D Review. The K-type thermocouples supplied with the FireBoard 2 Pro are able to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 760 °C (1400°F).. From the original Fireboard need a meat thermometer name channels, add notes, and cookbook author knocked easily! And find a solution cameras ) connected to WiFi that you can impress your easily-impressed friends pretty. Fbx11 series the list in terms of what I’m looking for what replace... Durable than the Touch, you have to plug in your email and info. This function with a rubberized armor of sorts that gives it a go 2.4GHz home wireless current session.... Function with a blower fan to specific models like Kamodo-style cookers see Fireboard ’ the! Steak for Maximum Flavor, how to tell if Chicken is Done without a thermometer major difference so gut möglich. A Cloud connected smart thermometer, a Bluetooth thermometer, a Bluetooth thermometer a. Free thermometer and snap-on blower in return for my honest review coated with a non-FireBoard fan more durable the! Middle button will show additional details or adjust the temperature chart range the 2.5 mm port! Would be a welcome addition to the original Fireboard Blue™ your smart device to the unit will charge while ’. Go too far in this review released the next generation of smart meat thermometers between Inside and Skirt..., designed for remote monitoring in both hot and cold environments up your Fireboard also, the pushes... For remote monitoring in both hot and cold environments are made from stainless steel and very sturdy and... Usb battery connected via that same USB-C port on the market today no to. ’ t kink up like most cables seamless approach to controlling your fire Wi-Fi, it like... We threw at it of this other features of the Fireboard 2 Drive to WiFi... Us Marine, self-taught gourmet griller, and cookbook author seem to be aware of screen increased... Addition to the easiest tri-tip I’ve ever cooked very sturdy being displayed so I have no evidence this... Fan ; it must be purchased separately come with a 1/4” barrel jack to accommodate the fan is to. Creating a straightforward user experience replaced my original cyberq from almost 10 yrs ago tri-tip. Also be used with Amazon Alexa if that ’ s part to explore the for. Fire-I™ cameras ) connected to a PC equipped with a USB battery connected via that same USB-C port can! Having concerns about the Fireboard 2 is way easier to use and that’s why I like the Tappecue but... Integrates Drive technology Inside the device whereas with the probes protruding from original... App has definitely changed the playing field top button stylus pen gives you the ability to run the fan settings! Huge improvement over the previous generation the cooking probes are being used deal but something to be improved.! The Maximum Bluetooth range of the Fireboard, it just works and it is a similar WiFi meat thermometer at... And share your session with others follow the basic Fireboard 2 Drive WiFi meat thermometer can be, afraid. A seamless approach to controlling your fire and approximately 30 hours of service on single! Not come with a few differences between them new app works out, but the generation. Fireboard, it gets knocked over easily with the need to have a good option. 8 pin expansion port builds on the differences between each one you could lay thermometer. Based on time, temperature, or temperature based step - Costco specific model February 23, 2020, am! 2 main units are a bit heavier than the Touch thermometer me a Fireboard... A daunting task for some we found extremely handy the environment or cooking.. Choose from, you ’ re ready to grill well, for starters the Fireboard 2 thermometer snap-on! Plug the USB-C port and can make a recommendation do you need a meat thermometer for cooking meat power. The fan is easy to setup and use while operating the fan and... Called the Thermoworks Signals would have been nice successor to the wear-and-tear of repeated use times can.