The War Memorial Hall (more generally known as Memorial Hall) is a landmark building on the campus of McGill University. [199][200] The oldest is the Medical Students Society, founded in 1859. Glen site. While the university is in a Francophone province, only 17.8% of the students claim French as their mother tongue, compared to 51.8% who claim English and 30.5% who claim some other language. The Bull & Bear, operating under the Management Undergraduate Society, publishes 1,000 copies each month. McGill University one of the best universities in the world and currently ranked #31 in Global World Rankings 2021. In 1992, students held a referendum which called for the University Centre to be named for actor and McGill alumnus William Shatner. McGill University was established in 1821 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In addition to these summer courses, there are also special off course programs offered by McGill. McGill University is proud to be a great research centre that covers many disciplines like physical sciences, engineering, management, languages, medicine, law, music and agriculture. [155][156], Domestically, McGill ranked 1st in Canada among medical-doctoral universities in Maclean's Canadian University Rankings 2021. [94] Recent efforts in implementing its sustainable development plan include the new Life Sciences Centre which was built with LEED-Silver certification and a green roof, as well as an increase in parking rates in January 2008 to fund other sustainability projects. [220][221] McGill's unique mascot, Marty the Martlet, was introduced during the 2005 Homecoming game. [127], In the Desautels Faculty of Management's MBA program, applicants had an average GMAT score of 670 and an average GPA of 3.3. If you continue, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the IELTS website. On 11 November 2012 the McGill Remembers web site launched; the University War Records Office collected documents between 1940 and 1946 related to McGill students, staff and faculty in the Second World War. [122], McGill undergraduates have the highest average entering grades of any Canadian university. Women's education at McGill began in 1884, when Donald Smith (later the Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal), began funding separate lectures for women, given by university staff members. It’s walls reveal an old history. Many first-year students live in the Bishop Mountain Residences ("Upper Rez"),[83] a series of concrete dormitories on the slope of Mount Royal, consisting of McConnell Hall, Molson Hall, Gardner Hall, and Douglas Hall. "[139], The university has joined Project Hero, a scholarship program cofounded by General (Ret'd) Rick Hillier for the families of fallen Canadian Forces members. | Contact / About | Privacy Policy. © 2021 University Review by Dean Ravenscroft. The quota limited the Jewish population across McGill to at most 10%. McGill University has great support from the government and donors; this has enabled McGill to reach the top ranks of the best public universities in Canada. McGill University Montreal, Canada: ADDRESS: School of Computer Science McGill University 3480 University Street McConnell Engineering Building, Room 318 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 0E9 Telephone: +1-514-398 8930 Fax : +1-514-398 3883 E-mail: kemme at Office: MC 109N The new 'campus' has now been completed, and a massive effort of moving units from older hospitals, such Royal Victoria, Montreal Children's, and Montreal General, into the new McGill University Health Centre is underway. [13] With 30% of students coming to McGill from over 150 countries, its student body is the most internationally diverse of any medical-doctoral research university in the country. Royal Victoria College, once a women-only dormitory, became co-ed in September 2010. The Osler collection, for example consists of 60 wet specimens while The Abbott collection consists of 80 wet specimens, mostly examples of congenital cardiac disease. The university's official colour is scarlet, which figures prominently in the academic dress of McGill University. The first game of North American football was played between McGill and Harvard on May 14, 1874,[230] leading to the spread of American football throughout the Ivy League.[231]. [32], McGill's main campus is situated in downtown Montreal at the foot of Mount Royal. Many of the major university buildings were constructed using local grey limestone, which serves as a unifying element. According to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, "researchers at McGill are affiliated with about 75 major research centres and networks, and are engaged in an extensive array of research partnerships with other universities, government and industry in Quebec and Canada, throughout North America and in dozens of other countries. This was a turning point for public education in Lower Canada as the schools were created by legislation, the District Public Schools Act of 1807, which showed the government's willingness to support the costs of education and even the salary of a schoolmaster. Founded in 1821, McGill University attracts people inspired by challenge and committed to shaping a better future. [141][142] McGill itself outlines scholarship considerations as follows: "Competition for basic and major scholarships is intense at McGill. [151][152] A demonstration was held of 10,000 trade unionists, leftist activists, CEGEP students, and even some McGill students, at the university's Roddick Gates on March 28, 1969. In 1899, the university established the McLennan Travelling Library - through this project boxes of about thirty varied books were shipped all over Canada to places without libraries. Over 500 students or approximately 2% of the student population are in sororities and fraternities at McGill, on par with most Canadian schools but below the average for American universities. [267], In the sciences, McGill graduates and faculty have received a total of 12 Nobel Prizes in disciplines ranging from Physiology, Medicine, Economics, Chemistry and Physics. 1950/1.[68]. [249] In 2007, McGill students arrived in bus-loads to cheer on the McGill Redmen, occupying a third of Queen's Jock Harty Arena. The Gymnasium is named in honour of General Sir Arthur William Currie. 2 (Autumn 1976). [147] The majority of students are fluent in at least two languages. Realizing that summer is a great time to take a university course, there are often over 8,000 participating in the Summer classes. McGill Law Journal ~ Revue de droit de McGill GRADUATION ADDRESS MCGILL UNIVERSITY Boaventura de Sousa Santos* EDITORS NOTE Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos is a Distinguished Legal Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, a Global Legal Scholar at the Uni- versity of Warwick, and the director of the Centre for Social Studies … [222], The downtown McGill campus sport and exercise facilities include: the McGill Sports Centre (which includes the Tomlinson Fieldhouse and the Windsor Varsity Clinic),[223] Molson Stadium, Memorial Pool, Tomlinson Hall, McConnell Arena, Forbes Field, many outdoor tennis courts and other extra-curricular arenas and faculties. [111] McGill's endowment rests within the top 10 percent of all North American post-secondary institutions' endowments. McGill has also produced five astronauts out of 14 total selected in the CSA's history. [246], McGill maintains an academic and athletic rivalry with Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. [107], The University's symbol is the martlet, stemming from the presence of the mythical bird on the official arms of the university. Notable members of the Hall of Fame include James Naismith and Sydney Pierce. McGill's motto is Grandescunt Aucta Labore, Latin for "By work, all things increase and grow" (literally, "Things grown great increase by work," that is, things that grow to be great do so by means of work). [236][237][238] Swimmer George Hodgson won two gold medals at the 1912 Summer Olympics, ice hockey goaltender Kim St-Pierre won gold medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics and at the 2006 Winter Olympics. For the undergraduate faculty of the arts, tuition fees vary for in-province, out-of-province, and international students, with full-time Quebec students paying around $4,333.10[134] per year, Canadian students from other provinces paying around $9,509.30[134] per year, and international students paying $22,102.57–$41,815.92 per year. [184] While chair of physics at McGill, nuclear physicist Ernest Rutherford performed the experiment that led to the discovery of the alpha particle and its function in radioactive decay, which won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908. The first degrees granted to women at McGill were conferred in 1888. Dawson College urgently looking for part-time CS teacher to start January 27! Other 2006 gold medalists are Jennifer Heil (women's freestyle mogul) and goaltender Charline Labonté (women's ice hockey). With an average acceptance rate of 41% for fall 2019, McGill University offers admissions to most of its programs in the month of January.Though the higher rate of acceptance could be a little misleading, aspirants must note that admission at university is no walk in the park and still requires a 90+ entering grade. Canada. [186] In computing, MUSIC/SP, software for mainframes once popular among universities and colleges around the world, was developed at McGill. Its mandated goals are to continue research related to maintaining the health of the Arboretum plantations and woodlands, to develop new programs related to selecting species adapted to developing environmental conditions and to develop silvicultural practices that preserve and enhance biological diversity in both natural stands and plantations. These cooperations allow the university to graduate over 1,000 students in health care each year. 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